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 Nastarovije's illustrated gems of strategy (warning, big image)

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Nastarovije's illustrated gems of strategy (warning, big image) Empty
PostSubject: Nastarovije's illustrated gems of strategy (warning, big image)   Nastarovije's illustrated gems of strategy (warning, big image) EmptyThu May 30, 2013 5:49 pm

Alright, as I found not a lot of people using these, here is a little collection of tricks that I gathered and that I would like to share. Some you might already know, some might even be stupid.

Use at your own risk Wink

I will start with Shearwater:
Nastarovije's illustrated gems of strategy (warning, big image) Shearw10

For some reason, B comes before A today. C is polite and comes last.
Fields of fire are marked in red.
"Points" are the points that need to be captured. (First A and B, then C).
"Positions" are where players can/should be. (A, B, ..., J)

Point B on Shearwater

For the defenders, Area 1 (the room which I underlayed in green) is an immensely advantageous position to capture. If the attackers go "all point A", move forward over point B with as many people as you can spare - one should stay at point B (just in case those that advance get murdered, later he can move around to defend A). If you have more than 3 people moving up, have some of them backstab the ongoing attack on point A.
Take up the positions A, B and C. Keep in mind that this room is very popular for the attacking snipers, there may be one prone at the position C. Players A and B cover the entrances to the green room very easily (attackers have no cover when they come there, unless a sniper attacking point A shoots all the way across the map and hits player B), while player C has a perfect view on all known attackers' covers on point B and can horribly murder everyone that dares/is foolish enough to go there.
Positions A, B and C should be filled with automatic weapons, preferably ARs or LMGs. At least one player of A or B should have blackout equipped in case the attackers try to take you out with an aegis. But really, any kind of class is useful here (with the exception of cloaked snipers) as even oracle provides support for the defense of point A from there.
Also, consider bringing someone that has ammo refresh, if you defend this position successfully (which is likely unless someone screws up badly) you may be in there for a long time.

For the attackers: don't let the defenders get the green room.

Point A on Shearwater

One defender should absolutely take up position D to defend point A. Leaning around the cover, you will be able to shoot anything that comes into point A, and even anyone who takes cover at the big strange orange thing - just spray perpendicular to the general moving direction, and you will get kills.
Someone should also take up position at E - you are then covering a rather important entrance to point A as well as a very popular backstabbing route, and you prevent players in D from getting shot.
Obviously, automatic weapons are necessary in position D, and recommended for E, although a shotgun may come in handy, too.

Disadvantage of this position / known bugs:
1) If attackers move in via position E, the angle at which the player in position D is forced to shoot at is arkward and buggy, your camera will jump back and forth, and you may even accidentally stand up. This is rather inconvenient and will more often than not lead to your death (no pun intended).
2) Players at position D are a very easy target for aegis (unless you have blackout) and blitz. See 3).
3) I have confirmed evidence (as in, it happened to me) that, if blitzed in position D, you may get knocked into the large orange apparatus behind you. You cannot be shot there, you cannot shoot out of it either. However, you will still be capturing point A. Fair, this is not.
4) You are in the same place all the time. Snipers tend to notice.
5) In case the player in position D dies or fails to take out every attacker that takes cover on the point in time, player E is basically dead.

To take out position D, attackers can either use assault/specialist devices or cloak to kill players that take position at D, or prevent the whole mess by having someone actually be on the other side of that cover first. Apart from being a rather safe spot, this also secures the E route, which makes it quite easy for reinforcements to come into play.

Point C on Shearwater

Area 2 is an interesting spot both for defenders and attackers. Defenders with long range guns may be able to shoot attackers that move over points A or B. Attackers can backstab defenders on the points.

Position F enables defenders to shoot all the way down the corridor (marked in red, as usual).
Nice camping spot, also a base for some backstabbing if the attackers make it to point C. Be aware of the fact that the covers marked red are NOT bulletproof. It's a bug, not a feature.
The cover at position G allows you to shoot at either entrance to the high plateau before point C, while being covered from the respective other one by an air duct or whatever that thing is.
Take cover against the pillar to which the arrow from position H points, and safely backstab/shoot in the face any attacker moving in for point C. You can even hit them just after they come up the ramp on the other side of the map - and they hardly ever expect it. Disadvantage - you can get shot from below if attackers try to backstab via position I.
Position I - there is a small cover there, a shotgun can very easily camp here (but is of little use for the rest of the team, as usual with campers). This is also one of the more important routes into position F.
Snipers should obviously take up position in Area 3.

In a very smooth transition, attackers can try to move in for a backstab via position I and then take cover at position J to cut off reinforcements of the defenders. Really unpleasant for them.
Further back, snipers and/or heat have their favourite spots in Area 2, where they can battle the aforementioned snipers in Area 3.
Another nice place to be is prone at position H (under the letter this time, not at the arrow). As the field of fire shows, you can suprise the defenders that move around in point C, and also cover your buddies in position K.

Right. This is me done for this one. More may be following as I find the time.
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Nastarovije's illustrated gems of strategy (warning, big image) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Nastarovije's illustrated gems of strategy (warning, big image)   Nastarovije's illustrated gems of strategy (warning, big image) EmptyThu May 30, 2013 7:07 pm

This is fantastic Very Happy I admit I never have a good strategy for Shearwater, and kinda flail about for a bit, and ultimately lose the match... >.>

I'd like to add: Blackout bombing! Where you rush A or B (doesn't work too well on C because it's larger) and EMP the f*ckers. Then go round the corner and murder them! You definitely need backup though, because people run away to cover just off the point (like the angled cover on the ground on B, just left of position C's line of fire, and the covers to the left and right of A, also off the point), where they can shoot the specialist.

Also, people at position E can move up to those boxes in the backstabbing route, but that leaves them open to backstabbing as well. For attackers, if someone moves right up to the pipes near your spawn, you can go upstairs and shoot them from above.

But yeah, very nicely done Very Happy Should I move this to our private area? Because I'm a paranoid little git >.>

Finally, I just want to ask if you annotated the images with firing lines and positions yourself- if yes, utterly brilliant work, if no, then still great work finding this stuff! ^^ I reward you with many muffins. Assuming Mortem will allow it :3

You can add me in game (FreedomTaker)- but I'm sorry to say I may never even see the message :3
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Elite Wolf

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Nastarovije's illustrated gems of strategy (warning, big image) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Nastarovije's illustrated gems of strategy (warning, big image)   Nastarovije's illustrated gems of strategy (warning, big image) EmptyThu May 30, 2013 7:21 pm

"the angled cover on the ground on B"

I knew I had forgotten something! Darn. Yeah in that place you can very easily shoot any defenders.

And yes, I drew those myself - the map itself I found via google image search, it is somewhere on the official GRo forum though I think.
The yellow paths in there were already included, the crude outlines of the fields of fire and the positions are my work though. That's why there are none of it on Point A in the 3d image - it wouldn't work.

If you think this is worth being paranoid about, well move it - although I must admit that most of those tricks I didn't think up myself, but saw other people using them and just mimicked them... so, not much original in there, it's just a compilation.
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Elite Wolf

Število prispevkov : 212
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Nastarovije's illustrated gems of strategy (warning, big image) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Nastarovije's illustrated gems of strategy (warning, big image)   Nastarovije's illustrated gems of strategy (warning, big image) EmptyFri May 31, 2013 5:31 pm

One more. Korolyov Towers this time:

Nastarovije's illustrated gems of strategy (warning, big image) Koroly10

A bit smaller image, nothing in the 3d model (for this map it is just sh!tty), also the map I found on google was inaccurate and out of date concerning point C, so no mention of this one either. It was also inaccurate about some covers in and before points A and B, so if some of them look hand-drawn, don't worry, they are. Your monitor works fine.

Point A on Korolyov

Defenders will easily reach position A before attackers are able to move through the doorway at position B. On the stair-ish cover, they can even shoot through the doorway as the attackers come up the ramp.
Position C is a bit more tricky to reach, you may catch a few shots getting there, especially if the attackers have a quick sniper up high far. But. Once you reach that position, it will take at least one heat or aegis to get you out of there, or some lucky dude who you didn't see. Just yesterday, we were defending point A with 2 people while the other six lost point B, we were exactely in positions A and C, and, well, I got an 8 kill streak in less than half a minute. Eight in zero, that is. You should learn how to dodge an aegis, if you wish to take up this position. Also, you can be attacked from both sides, so you need to constantly peek around the one side, move the 0.5m to the other, check there, rinse and repeat. Bring an LMG and lots of ammo. If need be, fall back to the end of the long mid cover if the attackers push hard.
The fields of fire of position A as well as C have been marked red.
If no push on your position occurs within 20 seconds of you reaching it, attackers are likely to have gone "all B" - leave the dude in position C, and move forward either for camping/backstabbing in position F or flank via the far bridge to backstab attackers on point B. Be aware of the positions G.

Attackers can find cover behind the sandbags at position D, or wait in position B until defenders are distracted. Distraction can be created by aegis, heat, blackout bombing or suicide running. As distraction is being served, move up along the red arrows. Right in front of position C, you will not be captureing, however you will be doing so at the cover just left (attackers' pov) of position C - but you can be shot there as well, from said player in position C, and you can hardly shoot back. If possible, take position C yourself - you can then shoot the defenders' reinforcements easily.
Alternatively, move in on the left. You are covered by the wood things for some time but are rather easy prey for players in positions A and C. Position E is quite good cover, in capturing range, with a decent chance of killing player C as well as shooting reinforcements. Be wary of enemies in position A - you are an easy target for them.
The main reinforcement routes for point A have been marked with red lines.
If you feel ballsy, go for the positions marked by red dots - more risky, more dangerous, somewhat more effective.
To prevent backstabbing, have someone guard the "G" positions.

Point B on Korolyov

The defenders on point B have lots of nice positions to man, here are just some of my favourite ones:
Position H as in high Wink Yes you can get there, by jumping first on the smaller cube on the left (defenders' pov) and then on the main bloq thing there. This is an excellent, sniper-proof, broadside killing position - you can shoot to either side, from above, at unsuspecting enemies that feel secure because they are still far away from the point. The approximate field of fire is marked in red. On the downside, you tend to anger a lot of people, you can also get shot from both sides, and you are far away from the point, and thus far from your comrades that could bail you out.
In position I, you have a good view on advancing defenders without even going out of cover - just stand (not crouch) against the cover and you can see over it. Also, you have a cover against incoming enemies from the respective other entry. If you decide to shoot someone coming towards the point, however, be aware that the attackers may have snipers up and you might take a bullet to the face if not careful.
Under the ramp with a shotgun is position J. Very campy.

Attackers have to be aware of the defenders' positions and avoid/suppress them accordingly. Once done, position K is a nice spot to camp on hapless reinforcements while capturing the point at the same time. Also, take over position J for a comparably safe place to sit and be scared.
To be honest, attacking point B on Korolyov is always kinda derpy, but once you have point A and can (somewhat) cut off the defenders coming into point B, it should be doable.

Moving laterally on the rear bridge
Ahem. This is an important bridge to hold, holding this bridge prevents enemies from reinforceing/backstabbing/defending on the point that has not yet fallen (as soon as either point A or B have been captured by the attackers). Position L on either side is the place where you want to set up your machinegun to cover, and hencefort deny, the bridge.

That's already about it - enjoy, maybe this is helpful.
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Nastarovije's illustrated gems of strategy (warning, big image) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Nastarovije's illustrated gems of strategy (warning, big image)   Nastarovije's illustrated gems of strategy (warning, big image) Empty

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Nastarovije's illustrated gems of strategy (warning, big image)
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