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 Christmas Holidays & New Year

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Elite Wolf
Elite Wolf

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Christmas Holidays & New Year Empty
PostSubject: Christmas Holidays & New Year   Christmas Holidays & New Year EmptyThu Dec 12, 2013 7:52 pm

Right, better get it off my chest now.

I will be playing anything even less than in the last weeks in the time around Dec 22 - Jan 3 for obvious reasons (holidays) and not so obvious reasons (going skiing at a place where they don't even have cellphone reception, because mountains).

Also, I will not be playing this next weekend, because I will be attending my Grandma's birthday.

Long-term outlook:
February is going to be exams time, so I shouldn't be gaming until done.

And finally, some kind of explanation. I have not been playing a lot of anything in the past weeks (months?) because on the one hand, I didn't have the time for it (or so I tell myself), and on the other hand, none of the games I know and own have pleasured me. Don't know if mid-life crisis, or just ... well, I don't know what it is that keeps me from enjoying video games like I used to.

We'll see.
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Elite Wolf
Elite Wolf

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Christmas Holidays & New Year Empty
PostSubject: Re: Christmas Holidays & New Year   Christmas Holidays & New Year EmptyFri Dec 13, 2013 10:09 am

Nastarovije wrote:
none of the games I know and own have pleasured me.

at my time we used to call them females and it usaly works if you give them flowers and dinner. ...... or give them a fiver..


you have been distant for some time now  Sad , (as have freedom  Sad  ) i hope tough that you will stick around.
but in a way i know what you mean, sometimes i could look at my library of games and feel that non of these games get my fluids going (easy ball there nas). its hard to get any real connection going. midlife crisis? i dont know if i should call it that but i know one thing tough, i miss having my old friends sitting in my sofa and playing soul caliber.

anyway, i hope that we could play someting together before your time is up (well kinda) and if not i wish you a merry christmas and a happy newyear
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Christmas Holidays & New Year
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