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Elite Wolf Squad is a Ghost Recon Online clan
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Elite Wolf
Elite Wolf

Število prispevkov : 396
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PostSubject: closed off section   closed off section EmptyFri Apr 26, 2013 3:02 pm

Hey i was thinking, could we have a closed of section in this forum only for clan members (note the use of the term CLAN members), were only clan approved persons can post and enter.
i was thinking were we could post contact information and tactics that we want to keep for ourself and who we had sex with over the weekend
i guess that it would require one of the bosses to manualy approve the ones that register in this forum, but as we are rather small it would not realy be a problem.

oh and a small one while i am at it, could some one change the wolf new born? >< i belive (and correct me if i am wrong) the term is wolf cub

Edit: oh and another suggestion, could some one please get the ball rolling in the spam and game area? my work is very very very very (very^10) boring (HINT!!!!)
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Pack Leader
Pack Leader

Število prispevkov : 345
Join date : 2013-01-28
Age : 26
Kraj : The Netherlands

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PostSubject: Re: closed off section   closed off section EmptyFri Apr 26, 2013 4:11 pm

You're right, it is wolf cub, I didn't bother changing it after Fury had made the rank, was too lazy.

It indeed is possible to make such an area and it may have sense when we're a serious contender for clan wars. I'm afraid it however will decrease the amount of posts in the general game-related section. Showing that we indeed discuss tactics and that we are an involved and active community is also important to get new members. Nowadays, we're not important enough for others to start stealing our tactics so I suggest to keep posting in the general part. I will make a subforum for which you can apply to get access to it.

3th of May 2013, the 1k-milestone
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closed off section
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